I’m Nicolas Mattia, a software engineer based in Zurich, Switzerland. I work at Tweag I/O, a software innovation lab based in Paris. We develop and implement tailored solutions for clients from various domains, focusing on functional programming and distributed systems. I’ve worked on providing reproducible environments for large HPC systems, on data inference and a web sharing platform for pharmaceutical data, on new programming techniques for distributed computations for a European Horizon 2020 funded research project and much more.

Prior to joining Tweag I/O, I spent some time in London working as a platform engineer at Pusher, a message delivery platform. My tasks included working on the company’s new low-latency distributed platform, as well as designing and implementing a system for measuring and reporting the platform’s performance.

Before entering the world of industrial software I studied electrical engineering. I started a BA in Micro-Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne in the French part of Switzerland, which I completed during an Erasmus year at the Technical University of Vienna. I completed my studies at the Swiss Federal Instute of Technology in Zurich with a Master’s Degree in Control Theory.

For a condensed version of my experience, have a look at my resume (or download the PDF version).